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Rules of the House


In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we kindly ask you to take note of the following informations:


On arrival
⬥ The balance of the reservation must be paid at the time of check-in. We accept the following payment methods:
- Cash (we do not make up the balance)
- Credit card: American Express, Visa, Mastercard.
⬥ In order to guarantee the safety of the delicate items in the castle, a pre-authorisation of 250 euros per room is required. This pre-authorisation is not intended to be used as a means of payment for extras or the balance of the stay. Pre-authorisations are automatically canceled a few days after departure. The following credit cards are accepted for pre-authorisation: Visa and Mastercard only. The contactless option is technically not possible for pre-authorisations.


During your stay
⬥ A Nespresso Zenius machine with a selection of Nespresso coffees and Mariage Frères teas is available in your bedroom.
⬥ The house's WIFI network is "WIFI Chateau de Boucéel."
⬥ Please keep the windows of your room closed to prevent mosquitoes and other flying insects from entering.
⬥ Your room is equipped with a monobloc air conditioning unit, which can be used to cool the room during occasional periods of high temperatures in Normandy.
⬥ For fire safety and comfort reasons, we kindly remind you that Château de Boucéel is entirely non-smoking, and it is strictly prohibited to smoke in the rooms, even with the windows open. The use of candles and incense is also strictly prohibited. However, ashtrays are available outside for smokers.
⬥ Reservations for breakfast can be made until 8pm the day before.
⬥ We kindly request that you refrain from coming to breakfast in a bathrobe or scant attire.
⬥ Housekeeping service for your suite will be available until 2pm from monday to saturday.
⬥ Please do not leave your children unattended on the property or allow them to handle delicate objects they may find in the château.
⬥ Access to the property of Château de Boucéel is exclusively reserved for guests with a reservation. Inviting external persons onto the premises is not allowed.
⬥ We kindly ask you to ensure the cleanliness of your shoes when entering the château. A shoe mat is available in front of the entrance door.
⬥ If you need additional information, you can also contact us via WhatsApp at +33 2 33 48 34 61.


At the departure
⬥ Check-out is from 8am until 11am. You can benefit from a late check-out until 1pm on request (+50€). For a departure before 8am please inform us in advance.
⬥ The balance of the stay must be paid on site. We accept the following payment methods:
- Cash (we do not make up the balance)
- Credit card: American Express, Visa, Mastercard.
⬥ Please do not forget to give us your room keys at the time of departure. As some keys are very old and require specialized craftsmen, any oversight may be charged up to an amount of 150 euros.


Sunday service
It is possible to stay at the Château de Boucéel on Sundays and some public holidays, please bear in mind that most part of our staff is resting this days and some services might not be available on these days.
⬥ Housekeeping service for your suite will be available until 12pm on Sundays.
⬥ Host table dinner is not available on Sundays.
⬥ Turndown service is not available on Sundays.
⬥ Check-in service is not available on Sundays.
⬥ Check-out service is not available on some Sundays of the year.


We are glad to welcome your faithful companion to the Château de Boucéel. In order to better organize your stay with us, please read carefully the rules about pets in Boucéel:
⬥ An Extra 20 EUR fee per pet per day will be charged.
⬥ Only pets weighing less than 25 kg are allowed at Château de Boucéel
⬥ It is prohibited to let your pet chase or approach any animal of the park in order to preserve their tranquility and freedom.
⬥ Keep your dog under control for the safety and comfort of the other guests. Keep your dog under leash inside the Chateau.
⬥ Should you wish to unleash your dog in the park, your pet must be muzzled. If you don't have a muzzle then the use of a leash is mandatory.
⬥ We greatly appreciate your consideration for cleaning your dog when entering the chateau.
⬥ For hygiene and quietness reasons, pets are not allowed in the pool area, even if they are on a leash or in your arms.
⬥ The rooms and common areas contain antique furniture. Please make sure that your pet does not get teeth or claws on the floor or furniture. Any damage will be charged.
⬥ In order to preserve the integrity of the ancient furniture and delicate objects, access to pets is not allowed in the Grand Salon of the Château.
⬥ For safety and comfort reasons, pets are not allowed to be left alone in rooms without supervision.
⬥ The Château de Boucéel has a PetSitting service on site (from 30€ per hour and depending on availability) which will allow you to have your pet looked after in Boucéel in complete safety during your visits in the region. For your information, dogs are not allowed inside the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. (They are permitted in the village).
⬥ Guide dogs for the blind or assistance dogs are exempt from all the aforementioned restrictions upon presentation of valid documentation.


Swimming Pool
⬥ The pool is open from 9 am to 7 pm from April until the end of September.
⬥ Children must always be under the supervision of their parents within the pool premises.
⬥ External individuals without a reservation are not permitted to use the pool.
⬥ Smoking is not allowed within the pool premises.
⬥ For hygiene and quietness reasons, access to the pool premises is not allowed for pets, even if they are on a leash or being carried.
⬥ As the pool is shared, we kindly request your attention to minimize noise disturbances and avoid jumping into the water to avoid inconveniencing other individuals present.
⬥ The use of water toys is permitted as long as it doesn't cause any inconvenience to others present.
⬥ The use of music with speakers is not permitted within the pool premises.


Honesty Bar
⬥ To use the self-service bar, please kindly note your consumptions on the provided Honesty Bar Card and then deposit it in the box on the radiator.
⬥ Alcohol is prohibited for individuals under the age of 18.
⬥ The consumption of beverages or food purchased outside the premises is not permitted in our lounges.
⬥ It is not allowed to store personal belongings in the refrigerators of the Honesty Bar. A communal refrigerator, colored white, is available in the staircase leading to the basement to keep your personal items cool.
⬥ More information about the Honesty Bar can be found HERE.


Chateau Park & Animals
⬥ You have access to the 27 acre park, which provides approximately a 30-minute walk.
⬥ We kindly ask you not to litter in the natural surroundings.
⬥ Please refrain from allowing children to chase after the park's animals.
⬥ Our dog, Nobilis, has a restricted and unsupervised area during the day under the large Linden tree next to the chateau. For safety reasons, it is strictly prohibited for children to approach the dog or enter its restricted area, even when accompanied.


Billiard table of 1900
⬥ You are allowed to play billiard with care.
⬥ Don't hit the floor with the pool cues.
⬥ Children should be under an adult supervision when playing. 
⬥ Make sure your hands are cleaned before playing billiard.
⬥ Do not put any drink or food on the billiard.
⬥ Please respect the billiard, any damage would be charged (as from 2000€ for a table reclothing).


Piano of 1891 in the main lounge
⬥ In case you wish to play the piano please inform the butler or the master of the house.
⬥ A advanced level of piano is required.
⬥ Please respect the piano, any damage will be charged