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After a well-spent day seeing the sights, or simply for the pleasure of it, relax in body and mind at the Château de Boucéel.


Our professional masseuse offers different types of treatment: relaxation, wellness or sports massage. She employs a technique both flexible and precise, in order to meet the very personal needs of each client.


Languages spoken: French, English.

Duration: 1 hour minimum


Types of massage on offer:

Swedish massage, wellness

Swedish massage, therapeutic



60-minute session: €115

90-minute session: €140



The massage will be conducted in your suite on a massage table provided by the masseuse.

The music can be personalized.

Only one client can be massaged at a time.

You will receive a health questionnaire before the session to enable the practitioner to ascertain whether there is any contraindication.

The massage can be adapted for pregnant women.


Booking conditions 

To request a reservation, please contact us, specifying the desired date and time and the number of people. We will reply as quickly as possible.

The service depends on the availability of our partners.

An advance deposit is required to confirm your booking.


Cancellation conditions

Up to 7 days before the booking: cancellation or modification possible. Partial refund: 5% non-refundable cancellation charges will be invoiced.

Less than 7 days before the booking: no cancellation or modification possible; 100% non-refundable cancellation charges will be invoiced.