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Table d'hôtes dinners

In the Old Farmhouse of the estate, just one minute's walk from the chateau, you can enjoy a cosy dinner, shared with the other guests staying in the chateau.

We will serve you drinks by the fireside, followed by dinner on an antique Norman table which has been there for over a hundred years.


During dinner, you will be able to share your experiences of the region and converse with other guests from all over the world.


Our menus are unique, and we make sure they suit everyone. For this reason, we offer both French and international cuisine. If you are vegetarian, if you suffer from allergies or are intolerant of certain foodstuffs, if your children have special dietary needs, we can endeavour to adapt our menus if you give us 48 hours' notice.


Coming to dine at the Old Farm of the Chateau will be a further experience of Boucéel, and we hope it will prove one of your happiest memories of your stay in our region.


⬥ Depending on availability – seating capacity is limited

⬥ Dinner is served at 8 pm

⬥ Service not available on Sundays. Service not available on Saturdays in July & in August (A self-service bar with a selection of fresh dishes signed by Michelin-starred chefs is available in the château)

⬥ €49/adult & child

⬥ List of drinks available for a supplementary charge. Bringing your own food or drink during dinner is not permitted.

⬥ Due to the general lack of staff, reservations for dinners in the Old farmhouse of the Chateau are only possible between 1 week and 24 hours before your stay, depending on our possibilities and availability. We thank you for your kind understanding.



If you wish to book your dinner, you can do so:


⬥ by email: contact@chateaudebouceel.com
at the end of the booking process when you reserve accommodation on our site.
⬥ or by clicking the Contact button below.