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Mont Saint Michel


In the year 709, the bishop of Avranches, Saint Aubert, decided to build a chapel and establish priests to pray to Archangel St Michel on a desert rock called: Mount "Tomb". In 966, Benedictine monks decided to settle there. They reorganized the houses to make a monastery. Around the year 1020, the community decided to build a huge church on the top of the rock. Conventual buildings spread all around. In the 13th century, new buildings were built in the North, six magnificent rooms that will immediately be called: The Wonder. We are at the peak of the pilgrimages that make the Mount one of the most famous places in all the Christendom. Following the collapse of the Romanesque choir in 1424, a new flamboyant Gothic choir, that gives the abbey church this very original aspect, is built.

Distance : 11 km