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The site was first occupied by the Vikings. After the Vikings, the Grant family used to control the city, hence its name.


The English invaders, during the Hundred Years War, fortified the City but they were definitively driven out in 1442 by the same army who had chased them from Mont Saint Michel in 1434.

By the mid 15th century, the Granville boats used to fish cod in Newfoundland, in North America. Under Louis XIV Granville becomes a corsair port.

The upper town, the historic heart of the city, houses the mansions, residences of wealthy Granville owners.


From Granville, you can depart to Chausey Islands, or to the Channel Islands in season.

Since the mid-nineteenth century, tourism has gradually replaced the Big Fishing.

Christian Dior, a native from the city, bequeathed his villa to the municipality of Granville to make "The Christian Dior" Fashion Museum.

Distance : 34km