Château de Boucéel

Chambres d'hôtes et Gîtes de charme

Blason Chateau de Bouceel


The Boucéel estate dates back to the beginning of the 12th century. It was awarded by Richard III duke of Normandy to the Pigace family. The present château is a Listed Building built in 1763. It is the third one on the estate. The second was a large square castle with four towers, typical of the Knight Templars, and a stopping place for the Mont Saint Michel pilgrims in the Middle Ages. This one is a large “ Malouinière” ( typical Saint Malo architecture at the time of King Louis XIV) with a curve forwarded fronton on the North side, with primes on the South side and two lower wings on each side that give it a wide spread.

history bouceel

In 1434, at the end of the One Hundred years War, the Pigace family gave three out of the 119 known Knights for the defence of Mont saint Michel when England had a siege to take it and they never did. During the French Revolution the Marquis de Montécot had officially emigrated even though we have no proof he ever did. His wife, the Marquise, very intelligently asked for divorce in 1792 in order to become the only owner of the estate and save it. (In these period emigrated aristocrats properties were confiscated).

There was here, during the French Revolution a bloody struggle between the local Republican army called “Les Bleus” and the farmer’s army called “Les Chouans”. The Republican burned the furniture and all that was inside the château but one portrait (the Marquise portrait which is still in the Marquise bedroom) and one book still here. It burned for three days! By the time, the Marquis had come back and became a Colonel in the Chouans army. He hid in the château for many years.

history bouceel


The Marquise sued the Bonaparte Government (for having burnt her furniture and belongings and she won. For that reason we know exactly what was burnt!


During WWII the château was occupied by Wermacht officers in summer 1940. They only stayed 3 months because there was not electricity here until 1948.My father, Arnaud de Roquefeuil, slightly wounded and made prisoner at first managed to come back and participated in the French Resistance in the” Liberation Nord Network”. He was arrested in Boucéel the 10th of July 1944 and brought in deportation towards the concentration camp Buchenwald. He was lucky never to arrive because the railroad had been destroyed at La Chapelette Bridge in Péronne.


After he passed away in 1996, Nicole and I have started doing B&B in the château. The rooms are named from members of the family who have lived here.